NHS Workforce crisis and what we can do about it?

The news today that trusts are spending up to £5000 for one agency doctor shift shows not only the staffing crisis the NHS faces but also a need in finding solutions that help bring down the cost of using staff for a single shift. 
Sitekit team have been working on workforce efficiency for a long time and even we are shocked to hear the size of these numbers. Several things clearly need to change.  

One of those things is the old-fashioned nature of staff vetting and onboarding processes. This came to the fore for us in COVID times. Sitekit are proud to have reduced the time it took for NHS staff to move between hospitals to administer vaccines during the COVID pandemic but clearly these solutions are needed far more widely in the system. Indeed, the same Digital Staff Passport solution now has the potential to help reduce agency costs by reducing the paperwork and time required to successfully onboard new and temporary staff.  

The Digital Staff Passport is only half the solution however as it deals with the credentials a candidate needs to bring with them to their new role. The other half of the problem is how to quickly, safely and efficiently provision the new starter’s access to the organisations systems so they are ready to start work immediately. Sitekit are delighted to also be involved in delivering further workforce onboarding efficiency improvements within the organisation as part of the PASA (Provisioning and Systems Access) programme. Sitekit works with organisations to use identity and staff credential technology to implement faster, paperless onboarding. The outcome is an efficient, directly cash releasing solution that enables new and temporary staff to get straight to work without relying on others.  
We are happy to discuss either the Digital Staff Passport or Provisioning and Systems Access with you, just send us a message! 
Hospitals in England pay £5,200 for one agency doctor’s shift – BBC News

Post by Roberta Pavone

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